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New registration certificate for motorboats

Published 31-03-2011 15:09 - Modified 31-03-2011 16:24

From 1 April 2011 changes the paper registration certificate for fast motor boats in a secure credit card-sized plastic card. The old paper registration certificates remain valid. The costs of registration certificate (29.80 euros) remain the same. The form 'Application for registration fast boat' is available on the website and at each TNT Post Office also issues registration certificates.

RDW creditcardFive days

Anyone who applies for a registration certificate motorboats, that will not right away. The application of the plastic registration certificate lasts five days. TNT sends the request because the post office from digital to RDW. The RDW handles the request, whereupon the plastic registration card is printed. Then sends the RDW card to the applicant within five working days.

The plastic registration certificate is handier, fraud resistant and lasts longer. Moreover, the document more resistant to water.

Mandatory registration

The Registration Certificate is required for all motorboats small motor vessel with a length of less than 20 meters that can sail faster than 20 km per hour. Registration is required on almost all inland. When using the fast motorboat registration certificate should always be kept on board. The registration mark that the certificate is listed, on both sides of the motor speed to be made.

Source: RDW