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All (intellectual) property rights relating to Shipnavigator including the and logo, especially the brand rights are Shipnavigator. Shipnavigator reserves these rights explicitly.

Copyright and Database Right

On this site are copyright and database rights. By visiting this site you agree to these terms.

The (copy) rights relating to the format, layout and content of this website (the data included therein, images, sounds, text and other information) rests solely with Shipnavigator. The content of this website may be used only for personal use. Without prior written permission of the Shipnavigator editorial staff it is PROHIBITED contents of this website or any part thereof, transmit, distribute or make available to third parties except as is strictly necessary for using this website.

Shipnavigator has the right but not the obligation, to access information or to withhold information from this website for if, at the sole discretion of Shipnavigator existence of (possible) violation of rights of third parties.

Shipnavigator also has the right to - unless otherwise agreed with the author - material submitted to shorten and / or modify. This applies to text, music and images.