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Synonyms: anti-grow paint, under water paint. Other spelling: antifauling, anti-fouling, anti fouling.

Published 19-03-2011 21:40 - Modified 25-03-2011 20:01

Antifouling paint is a good neighborhood like biocides, copper, chlorinated rubber and / or other anti agents added. An added resin holds the product together to form the coating, a solvent is added to obtain a good spreadability and a pigment for color and thickness. The layers are in good and proper film thickness to be used. It's not paint all of it is it called so. Paint protects the hull by a sealing layer on the hull form, in contrast to antifouling. It is therefore important that among the antifouling an adequate protection of the trunk.

Why antifouling?

antifouling shiphullThe underwater hull is the influence of the (dangerous) to be protected against water, corrosion, rot or osmosis. Then it should be protected from fouling paint system. Fouling is a collective term for all living organisms and traces that attach to the hull. In fresh water is the growth of algae and sometimes small shellfish. On salt water is the growth mainly of barnacles.

Sustained growth can damage the surface of the fuselage. The glue-like substances that natural organisms use to attach to the hull, causing damage to wood and polyester.  Moreover, the (heavy) increase the sailing characteristics. By increasing the body resistance creates delays and increases in fuel costs.

Famous brands.

Except that there are various types antifouling with any specific characteristics such as hull material and trade, there are several brands to choose from. Famous brands: Jotun, Sikkens, International, Hempel and Epiphanes.